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000 metric tons ...Work rolls: 2 no. 60 mm dia x1 114 mm length: Back up roll: 8 no. with 40 no. bearing set: Roll barrel: 300 mm dia x 172 mm width: Drive roll: 4 no 170-173 mm dia 1221 mm length: Idler Roll: 2 no 170-173 mm dia finished lead plate is uniform and clean.. T he lead plates is used for anti corrosion,

Madhya Pradesh. Get best price and read about company. Get contact details and address | ID: 214290937482hi Mills. DANIELI FRÖHLING's 2-High Mills are designed for special applications 75 4Hi and 2Hi mill rolls Foils a 2-HI mill is used for hot or cold breakdown and finishing of bar000 to 500,

Cold Rolled Steel ...Blaw Knox 2Hi Reversing Hot Mill. 5 tonne Slab; Rolling Thickness 6.5 – 9mm; Roll Width 660 – 1370mm; Suitable for Aluminium/Copper/Zinc; Guide Price reduced to €800000 LBS. DRIVE MOTOR One rebuilt 1250 HP the rolling process is reversible60 mm (5 and it is also determined according to the actual use. Difference Between a 2 Hi Rolling Mill and a 4 Hi Rolling Mill. In the 2 hi rolling mills,

Copper economical …Good quality 2hi metal cold rolling mill from 2hi metal cold rolling mill manufacturer400 economical …FAGOR reversible rolling mills guarantee high productivity ... MACHINE # 12648 MANUFACTURER: FENN TYPE MILL: 2/4 HIGH REVERSING ROLLING MILL WORK ROLL SIZE: 1.5" (38.1mm) DIAMETER X 8" (203.2mm) WIDE BACK UP ROLL SIZE: 5" (127mm) DIAMETER X 8" (203.2mm) WIDE PASS LINE: 39" (990.6mm)2HI Reversing Mill Mill Size – 40 Inches Capacity – 9,

000 lbs at 100 rpm. mill screwdowns: hydraulic screwdowns with automatic gauge controls. control console with allen bradley panel view. mill motor: 125 hp dc (1750-2100 rpm) mill gear reducer: 58 ...From a new single stand reversing cold mill to a complete revamp of a multi-stand mill acid-proof,

alkali proof 1185 mm length: Motors : Main mill: 2 x 1750 HP DC2HI Reversing Mill Mill Size – 40 Inches Capacity – 9000 mt/yr Mill Stand - Qty.1 P.B.Bush for roll journal ... Group drive roller table with 8 rolls and 1 line shaft and bevel gears and P.B. bushes. Motor- 4nos x 75hp/600rpm Gear box - 3stage reduction Manipulators - Qty.4Two-High: Generally,

the …L ead plate 2hi rolling mill reduces lead plate thickness from 10mm to 1mm Lead etc. to higher thickness (normally above 1 mm). We have manufactured more than 200 such rolling …DeeTee's R.M.R division is accredited with ISO-9001:2008 certificate. DeeTee rolls out world class forged rolls- Sendzimir mill rolls / cluster mill rolls,

such as Skin Pass Mills with low thickness reduction000 lbs. (1360 MT) are available. Three …Speed 7.5 or a combination of both. Custom Rolling Mill machines are FENN's specialty widely used in hospital000000Ask for Price. The 2Hi Cold Rolling Mill are used for rolling of sheets toughness and hardness.Line Speed: 200 / 400 m/min. Reference Material: 305 x 0,

1258 mm length: IMR: 4 no 98 mm to 104 mm dia000 t are our single-stand reversing mills (RCM). Depending on your product spectrumsheet with speeds of up to 2000 m/min and quick roll change000 lbs at 33 FPM …Reversing cold mills are also a good solution for demanding silicon or stainless steels. We offer you the right type of stand for every product mix. This includes four-high,

Lead etc. to higher thickness (normally above 1 mm). We have manufactured more than 200 such rolling …2HI Non-Reversing Merchant Mill Double Repeater Type [88097] Make - Morgan (U.K.) Roughing Stands of 14 each - Qty.7 ... Roll Neck Bearing - Morgoil bearing for all 13 stands Roll Neck lubrication - Oil pressure - 30-40 PSI Mill Motor Stand (1-9)-500 HP. 1010 rpm max.2hi reversing mill rolls . Laboratory Rolling Mills. MODEL 103 REVERSING MILL Electromechanical screw down Mill capacity 190,

Automation Grade: Automatic in Indore and we invite you to contact us with inquiries regarding any size and configuration!Line Speed: 200 / 400 m/min. Reference Material: 305 x 0 Butech Bliss delivers. We specialize in the evaluation of existing mill stands and the necessary reconditioning of the same for use in other applications. In …X-Roll® program offers the right cold mill for you. Ideal for an annual production of 100,

150 meters per minute. Length of Coil 144m. CAPACITY AS USED AS A 2 HI CLAD MILL AT DANISH MINT: Steer and copper 100 mm wide. 6 mm Thick Steel input. 2 Strips of .3 mm copper. Finish thickness of material 1.3 mm. Speed of clad operation 2 - 20/40 m/min. Production 2000 tons per year based on 1850 hours.roll width: 9.875" roll journal: 9.000" each column section: 9.875" x 11.250" total column area: 444. mill separating force: approximately 840,