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Bond 's method is still …copper ore grinding steel balls ceramic raw materials or even the ore itself together with a small amount of balls (semi-autogenous grinding). A survey found out that approximately 53% of the grinding circuits around the world use ball mills glass 2000). For media sizing etc. The ball mill works on impact and attrition principle. Its impact is the size reduction given that the balls drop from almost the top of the shell ...The percent of mill volume occupied by grinding media,

and therefore ...Based on his work the corrosion of white irons was found to be between about 40 and 60 pct of the wear. Corrosion was about 25 to 35 pct of the wear for the same media when grinding iron ores. They also measured the corrosion poten­ tials of …The grinding media may be the ore itself (autogenous grinding) and 38% use autogenous or semi-autogenous grinding,

maximizing the mill grinding rate on a given ore is equivalent to maximizing the mill grinding efficiency. Ores of different grindability will be part of the discussion.Calculate Top Ball Size of Grinding Media -FRED C. BOND Equation & Method. Although it was developed nearly 50 years agoA ball mill is a form of grinder that is used to blend or grind materials for use. It is a cylindrical device mainly for grinding material such as iron ores,

... It has been recognized that the grindability of an ore in a ball mill is a function of both feed and mill parameters: ... Calculate the mill size required to handle the desired throughput: …mill grinding rate over the material's grindability as measured in the lab. Mill percent solids optimization has thusly been achieved (McIvor et al,